At il circolo we cook with extra vergine olive oil! We are big fans of the typical Sicilian kitchen which literally is a melting pot defined by different cultures that either visited Sicily as merchants or invaders. With our recipes we want to share our enthusiasm for the Mediterranean lifestyle and the Sicilian kitchen. Mediterranean cuisine has a tradition of eating fresh, seasonal ingredients with extra vergine olive oil as a base ingredient in almost every meal. It is a model for a regenerative and healthy diet that refrains from using frozen and processed ingredients as much as possible.

In the Mediterranean kitchen, seasonal food is a way of life that borders on a sacred rite. In our recipes we combine this seasonal approach with minimizing food waste. We focus on leftovers and whatever is at hand in the fridge that pairs well with il circolo olive oil. We use seasonal and healthy ingredients that we buy at the local markets, and we support local providers as much as possible. 

Our recipes, cooking, and groceries shopping reflect the slow food philosophy with its values of quality, fairness, and sustainability.


Peperonata is one of the classic Sicilian summer dishes. Simple and colorful, prepared with peppers, onions and tomatoes, it goes well with meat and fish


Herb-crusted Salmon

Salmon smothered in fresh herbs like dill, thyme, rosemary and parsley.  You really need to try this easy salmon oven recipe.  It is a winner.


Stew of artichoke hearts

Artichoke is a typical vegetable of the Mediterranean. Allthough not locally grown in Northern Europe, vegetables like artichoke imported from other countries shouldn’t be dismissed


Vegan pizza fritta

This pizza belongs to Napoli like the chaos on the streets of the city. It is typical streetfood and comes from the postwar period. Even


Feta in the oven

This dish makes us instantly cheerful. It is maybe not typical Italian but reminiscent of a sunny summer’s day on the Mediterranean. You don’t have


Gambas in the oven

Would you like to prepare a seafood dish? But you don’t have time or want the hassle of scaling and fishbones? Gambas make a delicious


Stuffed Portobellos

Portobello is a variant of the chestnut mushroom and is available all year round. The flesh is firm and hardly shrinks during baking. Because of



Minestrone is real comfort food. Perfect for a cold or rainy day. Literally translated it means ‘big soup’ and traditionally Italian peasants made it from


Beef stew

Our kitchen is all about seasonal vegetables and local ingredients. Whenever we serve a meat dish it needs to be really worth our while. Like


Pasta alla Siciliana

Pasta alla Siciliana is a traditional Sicilian pasta dish and a specialty of Messina. It’s made with linguine or spaghetti, and a collection of powerful


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