The circle of friends behind il circolo consists of Sicilians, who have cultivated olives for generations, and Northern Europeans, who have known Sicily for decades and are great aficionados of the island. Together, we are committed to the exploitation free production of excellent organic olive oil.

Stephanie Rosenkranz comes to Sicily each year since her childhood and is addicted to olive oil and the mediterranean culture surrounding it. Next to her work for il circolo, she is also a professor of economics, researching about food fairness, sustainable food, and the challenges in the olive oil market. Together with Utz Weitzel, another olive oil addict and her partner in everything, she looks after the distribution of il circolo in Europe.

il circolo enjoys the support of many friends. Katja van Dien, attracted by il circolo’s vision and food lover by nature, joined them on this adventure and in the ever exciting quest for delicious recipes to showcase il circolo olive oil. 

IONDESIGN in Berlin created a fantastic, press-covered packaging. 

Road Runner Cubuso, possibly the only logistics expert with sheep in the backyard, makes sure that your oil is delivered on time.

il circolo’s olive groves in Sicily are looked after by Simone Guastella, supported by Salvatore Stracquadanio and his workers, who have cultivated olives for generations. When it comes to pruning the trees, they are true landscape artists. Crikka and Crokka are our two little canine residents, vigilant guardians of the olive trees and the human residents. 

Francesco Scapellato expertly mills il circolo olives with highly sophisticated machinery and represents a new generation of olive oil makers: young and professional, with a university degree. Like Daniele Mento, the ‘Doc’, with a PhD in agriculture and mastermind behind il circolo’s production processes. Which makes them part of a ‘brain claim’ of excellence in Sicily rather than the ‘brain drain’.

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