il circolo olive oil is a certified organic product according to EU regulations. We do not use pesticides and we focus on purely mechanical processing to make sure that our oil contains no chemical residues. il circolo’s entire manufacturing process, from cultivation to bottling, is controlled by us to guarantee the best quality.

CO2 negative

Each liter of il circolo olive oil reduces up to 5kg of CO2, including the bottling and packaging. For this, we follow scientifically studied cultivation methods, e.g. minimal plowing, minimal burning of pruning, more soil cover, and use of solar energy. In addition, we compensate the CO2 emissions of the transportation, so that il circolo arrives carbon negative at your home.

Social and fair

We are a social enterprise. Our goal is not to maximize profits but to manage il circolo socially and sustainably, so that our olive trees and their region reap the benefits. il circolo wants to change the industry from inside by producing and promoting excellent olive oil that tries not to exploit people or nature (our vision). That’s why we pay the “Tony’s Premium” for our olive oil production, which guarantees fair prices.

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