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Isn’t it strange that people rather think of an expensive bottle of wine as a gift than of a bottle of high quality olive oil? The former will bring joy for one evening while being scientifically proven to be unhealthy, while the latter will bring joy for up to half a year or more and is proven to be very good for your body. Here we present some gift ideas that all circle around extra virgin olive oil. Some are more for the gourmets and foodies among your friends, others more for those who need some love and care, and yet others are ideal for romantic moments. Most importantly, all gift ideas are perfect for those who care about our planet.


Our culture has collected a lot of knowledge about the characteristics of fine wines and the secrets of wine making. Comparatively little is known regarding olive oil. With our blogs and recipes we want to contribute to fillings this gap. Giving a bottle of high quality olive oil as a gift will help building a culture for olive oil, and will help the small farmers around the world to take care of their century old trees. 

A Sicilian playlist

Presents don’t need to be expensive. They should transport the message that you care for a person, that you adress their needs and wishes. If


Homemade olive oil mask

Mix five tablespoons of agave syrup (like honey, it is anti-bacterial) with five tablespoons of il circolo olive oil. Optionally, you can add cinnamon powder.


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