Olive Oil Ice Cream

Brioche con gelato. If you’ve ever been to Sicily, you might know it. A soft, sweet bread with ice cream on top. To a non-Sicilian it may sound strange to put ice cream on a brioche, but the Sicilians are on to something. My favourite ice cream parlour in Utrecht has it too. And ice cream maker Roberto has another brilliant idea: olive oil ice cream! Very creamy, not sweet and with a subtle hint of delicious olive oil – il circolo’s of course. On a baguette. With drinks. Incredibly delicious. Really. Try it.
Original recipe from the book Ice cream: recipes from the ice cream parlour Roberto Gelato.



  1. Weigh the ingredients carefully and prepare them.
  2. Warm the milk briefly to body temperature and then stir in the sugar and dextrose. Stir well so that everything dissolves.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and add the cream.
  4. Let the mixture cool as much as possible and then add the olive oil. Use a blender to mix everything well. Do this just before putting the mixture into the ice cream maker.
  5. When the base is a little frozen, the salt can be added to the mixture in the ice cream maker. Coarse salt gives a better taste than fine salt, as you will sometimes find small pieces of salt in the ice cream.

Tip from Roberto

Ice cream in a cup or in a cone? You can do so much more with olive oil ice cream, e.g. serve your salad rocket carpaccio with olive oil ice cream.

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