Premium quality olive oil

Our monocultivar oil is made from the olive variety Tonda Iblea, which is grown mainly in the south of Sicily. This sunny region has an EU protected designation of origin and is known worldwide for premium quality olive oil. Tonda Iblea has an intense fruity aroma of green tomatoes and notes of basil and celery, combined with a pleasant piquancy and bitterness on the finish. Piquancy is typical for newly harvested oils and the principal and most reliable indicator of quality and freshness. Bitterness stems from the polyphenols (antioxidants) and is an indicator of healthiness.

Perfect for everyone

Our premium product is the ideal choice for connoisseurs who prefer olive oils with a forceful yet balanced aroma. In dishes with contrasting flavors, when the aromas intensify, you need an oil that contributes to the composition with its unique character. The monocultivar Tonda Iblea is a favorite match in this type of dish:. mixed salads (including fruit), soups (for example minestrone), vegetables (raw, stewed, cooked, roasted), bruschetta, pasta with fish and vegetables, oven-baked fish, shellfish, grilled meats and carpaccio. Due to the high heat resistance, it is ideal for roasting, grilling or cooking with a wok.