You can’t get enough of good olive oil

Due to the extensive harvest of crop year (October) 2019 and Corona, we still have a relatively large quantity of olive oil. Although it is said that the taste of olive oil deteriorates noticeably after about two years (after bottling), this applies mainly to lower quality oil and does not correspond to our experience with il circolo oil. Even with il circolo oil from earlier harvests, you can still clearly taste the fruity aroma and the strong flavour.
In Sicily, it is common to use olive oil from different vintages. Some vintages are so good that you don’t want to miss them. Older vintages are often used for baking and frying, while the newer oils are used for seasoning and salads.

Trust your nose

So don’t be put off by the expiry date. As long as the olive oil is kept in a cool and dark place and no/very little oxygen gets to it, it will keep for a long time. By the way, once you get to know good olive oil, it is very easy to taste and smell when an olive oil has become too old and rancid.
Of course, this is not the case with our 2019 harvest, but nevertheless, it is now available at a particularly favourable price – as our 2020 harvest is coming soon.

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