New: il circolo Bag-in-Box

The iconic bottle of Il circolo has recently been joined by the Bag in Box (BiB). The Bag in Box has long been known as packaging for wine, but it is also gaining popularity for olive oil. This has to do with the sustainable advantages of this packaging material.
We know from feedback that il circolo customers walk away with our beautiful bottle (for themselves or to give away) and it will always have a special place in our range. The BiB is not comparable to the bottle in that sense.

Why offer il circolo extra virgin olive oil in a BiB of 3 litres and 5 litres?

A BiB keeps olive oil longer than an opened bottle or can because of its tap. It is designed in such a way that no air can reach the olive oil during tapping and storage. Also a large packaging performs much better when it comes to the ecological footprint. Imagine that instead of 6 bottles – often spread over several shipments over to time – now only 1 BiB needs to be sent. This not only provides an enormous saving in administration, handling and shipping costs. It is also much more favourable for the ecological footprint:

  •  the packaging is less heavy;
  • less packaging material is needed per litre of olive oil;
  • it can be stacked and transported efficiently;
  • the cardboard part of the packaging is recyclable.

With this new packaging we would like to continue to explore with our customers the possibilities of improving the environmental performance of il circolo olive oil.

How do you know if a BiB is for you?

Step 1: Assess your olive oil consumption. How long does a bottle last? Or how many times a year do you order a bottle? You can even look at a period of two years, because that’s how long our olive oil can be kept at least.

Step 2: Should you have consumed more than 6 bottles/3 litres in that 1 – 2 year period, then the BiB might be an alternative for you, provided you have a place to keep it under the right conditions (dark and cool).

Step 3: You can’t do it on your own?  Perhaps it is possible to do it together with friends. Tapping together from the same (olive oil) barrel.

Step 4: Order a BiB online or a can or bottles if you prefer that.

We are curious to find out how sustainability is weighed when buying il circolo olive oil. And of course whether the BiB appeals to our customers.

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