About Us

The circle of friends behind il circolo consists of Sicilians, who have cultivated olives for generations, and Northern Europeans, who have known Sicily for decades and are great aficionados of the island. The nucleus of the team is a 30-year-old friendship between a girl from Germany who spent several months each year in Sicily, and a Scottish boy who has been living in Sicily since his youth. This friendship has laid the foundation for Ongombo S.R.L. Agricola, which is responsible for the production and distribution of il circolo.


The girl, Stephanie Rosenkranz, has lived for over 15 years with her family in the Netherlands and now, together with her partner, looks after the distribution of il circolo in Northern Europe. The boy, David Roberts, now lives with his partner in Noto and works on the olive grove with Simone Guastella and his family, who have cultivated olives for generations.


Together, we are all committed to the sustainable and high-quality production of excellent organic olive oil, benefiting the beautiful region and olive trees, … and of course, our customers. With our olive oil we want to inspire and share with you our love for Sicily. This fascinating island will take care of the rest.