4 ways to spice up your meals (and your life)

Does your food lack a little kick? Are you looking for a fast and easy way to spice up your meals?
We proudly present four new members of our product range: il circolo aromatised olive oil. We carefully selected flavours that make a difference in our kitchen and hope you will enjoy them as well. Lemon (al limone) for a tangy freshness, rosemary (al rosmarino) for a typical intense Italian flavour, chili (al peperoncino) for some heat and truffle (al tartufo) for its earthy richness. The flavoured olive oil comes in cute little 175 ml containers and is a great companion on your cooking endeavours.

How to use olive oil with aroma?

Although it can be heated, il circolo aromatised olive oil is best used as a condiment just before serving. In a dish like pasta with almond and lemon pesto, drizzling a few drops of lemon oil just before serving would really boost the flavour and leaves you with a whole different experience of the meal.
You could also use aromatised olive oil to add an extra flavour to a dish e.g. a few drops of chili oil on your minestrone provides you with the heat and spiciness you might be looking for on a cold and rainy day. While a drizzle of rosemary oil would give the minestrone an intense sweet herbal flavour. So, it is up to you how you spice up your meals.
From now on, our recipes will contain suggestions for an accompanying flavoured olive oil when appropriate.

Aromatised olive oil – like the natural version- should be protected from light, air and heat as these compromise the quality of the product. Don’t settle for bland food, order il circolo aromatised olive oil now.

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